November 9, 2016

What’s a Real Estate Architect?

We are on a mission to promote the existential pleasures and practical benefits of excellence in human habitation. Our endeavor seeks to match a discerning clientele with distinguished properties historic and contemporary, celebrated and unsung.

What we do:

We are Realtors®. We represent buyers and sellers of real property, acting solely as their real estate agents in the purchase or sale of property. We know a lot about houses, and a bit about many other things. In the performance of our job and in the course of conversation as real estate professionals we will share our general knowledge and opinions. Be sure to look at “what we don’t” below.

How we do what we do:

When clients ask us to represent them in the purchase or sale of property, we approach the task much like an architect works. In collaboration with our clients, we bring to bear our knowledge of the market, understanding of structures and housing types, planning and organizational skills, talent and creativity to analyze the clients’ needs, develop a strategy, and lay out a path to the proper solution. For a seller, that’s the right buyer. For a buyer, it’s the right house. Think of a “foreign policy architect” or a “software architect”. These people don’t make buildings, but they do approach their diplomatic or computing tasks wholistically, and systematically, with creativity and imagination, the way an architect approaches a building project. That’s how we approach real estate. And, thanks to our education, training and experience, we know architecture when we see it.

What we don’t:

We don’t practice architecture (described in part by the State of California Architects’ Practice act as “…planning of sites, and the design, in whole or in part, of buildings…”). We don’t design houses, or parts of, or additions to, or spaces within, or landscape around, or structures supporting houses. We don’t inspect houses. We don’t give advice concerning specific properties about architecture, construction, landscape architecture, space planning, interior design, soil engineering, structural engineering, civil engineering, geology, hazardous materials, neighborhood conditions, schools, historical designations, or governmental restrictions. We can provide names of people we know who do these things, but we don’t recommend any one in particular. In fact, we do nothing besides that which is covered in “what we do” above.

What you do:

Understand “what we do” and “what we don’t” above, and agree to obtain and rely exclusively upon independent consultation and advice from competent professionals with regard to all professional disciplines other than real estate agency.