"Charles Jencks... published a book called The Language of Post-Modern Architecture... The term Post- Modernism caught on as the name for all developments since the general exhaustion of modernism itself... The new term itself tended to create the impression that modernism was over because it had been superceded by something new. In fact, the Post- Modernists... had never emerged from the spare little box fashioned in the 1920s by Gropius, Corbu, and the Dutchmen. For the most part, they were busy doing nothing more than working changes on the same tight little concepts, now sixty years old, for the benefit of one another."

-Tom Wolfe,
From Bauhaus to Our House. Farrar Straus Giroux, New York,1981, pp 129-130."
re·al es·tate ar·chi·tect Pronunciation: 'rE(–&)l is-'tAt 'är-k&-"tekt Function: noun Etymology: Modern American Definition: a person who designs and guides a plan or undertaking to offer or acquire an interest in land or other fixed, permanent property e.g. a dwelling.

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