"... Despite the increasing unhealthiness of our surface life — the dangers compounded of mephitic air and polluted water, not to mention the ever-present dread of atomization — real estate agents so far have overlooked some startling opportunities. They go on peddling the flimsy wooden crate, the plaything of floods and tornadoes, that promises no refuge from an angry Nature. Compared to the rock-bound cave, today1s house is as precarious as a canary1s perch."

-Bernard Rudofsky,
The Prodigious Builders.
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New York and London, 1977, p 21." // No comma after the last item
re·al es·tate ar·chi·tect Pronunciation: 'rE(–&)l is-'tAt 'är-k&-"tekt Function: noun Etymology: Modern American Definition: a person who designs and guides a plan or undertaking to offer or acquire an interest in land or other fixed, permanent property e.g. a dwelling.

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